Cakes of Fury

525062_540203289327820_1157027674_nIf you like cake and reviews about cake, visit ‘Cakes of Fury!’ Follow the weekly adventures of me and Vix Carlin as we explore the fascinating world of cakes in the grand old city of Norwich…

‘Vix Carlin and Daniel Saunders are two cake connoisseurs on a mission to find the greatest delicacies in Norwich… Armed with forks and small amounts of cash they will eat their way through Norwich’s historic city centre and beyond, tasting and comparing the best cakes they can find. During their quest, awful things will probably happen – but their unfaltering determination will surely lead them to that Holy Grail of cakes… The legendary ‘Uber’ Cake’




About Daniel Saunders

Daniel Saunders is an animator/illustrator living and working in Norfolk. He is the creative director of Lard Ventures Ltd which is currently developing a character based project called, “Lard.” His work has been featured in OFFLIFE, Animation Magazine and a number of film festivals.
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