Here are some good/great websites…

The Eleven of Diamonds surf and skateboard shop, Norwich

‘We have a wide selection of Skateboard,Surf and Lifestyle Menswear Clothing. Our brands Billabong Adio Santa Cruz Neff Independent LRG Stance and more. Our online store stocks skate shoes, mens hoodies, mens tees, mens denim, mens shorts, mens jackets, mens socks, mens caps & more’

Lard wants world peace

‘That’s right: Lard wants world peace and he wants it now. So he’s busy making it happen – one day at a time. Lard’s random acts of kindness are well motivated but not everyone gets it. This can leave poor Lard feeling a bit disappointed; but not to worry. With the companionship of his rather grumpy dog Waffles, Lard’s ready to fight the good fight again very soon indeed. Look out, he’s coming your way…’

Sapphia’s Illustration

‘I am a recent Illustration graduate at the Norwich University College of the Arts, My strengths lie in dramatic colour and high impact imagery. I mainly use oil pastels for my usual media but am known to dabble with acrylic and oil paint; it’s all about the texture for me. My style can be semi – realist but also quite abstract’

Matamorfic Illustration

‘I like to think that i specialise in several areas. ever since i was a child i have drawn monsters, most of the time based on animals and mythical creatures i am obsessed with creatures and the way in which they are formed, one of my specialised subjects is charcter development. As well as children’s book illustration, comic book illustration, and fueled by my obsession of surrealism, low-brow art and abstract, abstract low-brow paintings.’